Did he really say that?

Were you on our amazing and gratis webinar with Dr. Anil Agarwal?  We told you he would shift your thinking.  We’ve been getting nothing but emails telling us what a job he did in rearranging brains and showing businesses ways they can succeed. His approach is simple yet powerful.  And it’s not pie-in-the-sky or crazy […]

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Chances Are You’re Breaking the Law

You’ve led a good clean life. You did what your Mother told you. You respect your local police, pay your taxes and never jay-walk in the City. Yet chances are good that you’re breaking the law. We don’t want to see you in stripes – ok, that’s an exaggeration – or even sitting solemnly in […]

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The Real Cost of Compliance – John’s Story

When we think about compliance, most of us think about filing annual reports and renewing business licenses for our entities.  We rarely consider the quality of the services we engage to help us.  However, as you’ll see below, quality can be everything. While I was preparing for our monthly members webinar – this one on […]

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What should a business owner do to avoid shredding his liability protection – Mistake #2

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The Right Structure

Many business owners are guilty of several mistakes – here’s one of the most common errors we’ve found.

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